Lifestyle Aluminium Lattice

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Product Specifications

Lifestyle Aluminium Lattice and Privacy Screens

Our Made to measure demonstration roomThis product is manufactured using two extrusions - slat and frame. The aluminium is extruded using alloy 6060 and temper T5 with both extrusions having an architectural finish and material thickness of 1.0mm + or - 0.15.


Safety and SecurityThe finished product is an attractive lattice trellis or privacy screen that; in appearance looks far superior to timber lattice products and through design does not have the associated maintenance and deterioration problems. Following are some of the advantages of Lifestyle "Aluminium" Lattice and privacy screens.

Maintenance free

  • a secure yet tasteful car portPowder Coated (Oven baked colours)
  • Therefore never needs painting
  • 100 colours to choose from
  • Mig welded. Rivets used are aluminium
  • Fly screening or shade cloth can be fitted
  • Ideal for patio's, porches, security, Privacy and sunscreens

Environmentally friendly

  • Colour co-ordinated with the business' colour schemeSmooth to the touch, no rough edges
  • Fully framed. Ready to fit
  • Made to any size and shape
  • Inexpensive. Last a lifetime
  • Will not sag, warp or rot
  • No mildew problems

The product is of security strength and is excellent for enclosing patios, carports etc where security and privacy is required. Doors are made utilising a doorframe extrusion, which has been designed to take the latticework and uses standard, locks and hinges etc. The doors are substantially stronger than any standard aluminium mesh security door


As stated, there are 100 colours to choose from. Check the Dulux and Interpon powdercoating charts. Colours can be contrasted i.e. frame and slat can be different.

All 'Colorbond' colours are available.

When choosing colours for privacy it is best to choose light colours as your eyes are always drawn to these lighter colours. A great example is security screens in Windows. If a window is fitted with black security screens you can see straight through where-as white coloured security screens afford more privacy to the room as the eyes are overwhelmed with light.

Panel Sizes

Exactly sized panels for any requirementPanels are made to measure, so sizes are not strict and hence not standard. The only restrictions on panel sizes are the eventual weight that a large panel would represent; this also can cause handling and transport problems.

It is suggested that a maximum size panel would not exceed 2.4m x 3.6m but to avoid deflection in the panel it is advised to make the panel in two halves with a post or bracket to floor. Out of square panels can be supplied also.

Slat Spacings and Shading

A. Lattice

The standard spacings are 73 mm and 58mm - measurement being from taken from centre to centre of slat. This gives a clear square opening in the lattice work of 46 mm + or - 1 mm or 30 mm which in turn gives a shade rating of 60% and 73% respectively. (If a specifically required spacing was desired we can design to suite on request)

B. Shadeline / Privacy / Slatted Screens

Effective area shading

This product is available in the following slat and gap sizes.

  1. 27mm slat - 10mm gap = 73% shade. (Gaps of 15mm - 27mm are available on request.)
  2. 50mm slat - 25mm gap = 67% shade. (Again other gap sizes are available on request.)
  3. 70mm slat - 35mm gap = 67% shade.

Shadeline screens can be made to any size, as for the standard lattice. The slats are tied together using a vertical slat welded at 500 to 900mm centres.


Grated Screens

  • Fixed LouvresStrength versus weight is outstanding.
  • Made to your specified size and shape.
  • The hollow aluminium is extruded using alloy 6060 and temper T5.
  • Extrusion having an architectural finish and material thickness of 1.0 mm+ or - 0.15.
  • Mill finish or powder coated in your chosen colour

Fixed Louvre Screen

The product is 'made to measure' using a 50mm slat passing through a 45x45 mm channel with a clip-in in-fill to make a box section once assembled. These sections are pre-punched to allow the slat to pass through; slats are then welded to the channel internally.

The slat is at a 60 degree angle and has a 5mm gap vertically. The gap between slats is 18mm. This allows excellent airflow while giving 90% cover when looking straight on, providing maximum privacy combined with maximum airflow.

This product not only provides maximum privacy but also is exceptionally strong in that the slats pass through the vertical mullions and is welded for superior strength. Panels can be fitted horizontally or vertically depending on airflow and from which direction privacy is required.

Insect Proofing

Fly screens made using available roll formed or extruded framing and held in place using casement clips or screws, this is a very good method if the screens need to be removable for cleaning etc.

Cleaning and Care

The products are classified as 'no maintenance'; the only cleaning which may be required is a general hose down.

Installation of panels and screens

Standard installation - example - we are fitting a panel between two timber posts or walls we would firstly fit an aluminium angle to the post for the full height of the panel (the panel having been made slightly smaller than the opening), position the panel in behind the angle and fix through the angle flange into the frame using stainless steel screws or aluminium rivets. This method of fitting is easy, very strong and covers any gaps which may form where the posts are bowed etc (an optional cover strip at back of panel can be used if required).

Another way is to fix through the front face of the lattice frame into the external face of a post or wall if the lattice panel is made with our 'Wide frame'.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are again to Australian standards and BCA code. This is either semi frameless or top rail.

  • Choice of aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Glass is usually 10 mm toughened or 10 mm toughened and heat soaked.
  • All aluminium products are in powder coat finish.