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  • Lattice panels in the Classic 'Diamond' or 'Horizontal/Vertical' configuration
  • Lattice Security Screens. Doors. Hinged and Sliding Gates
  • Balustrade. Glass and/or Aluminium
  • Window Hoods
  • Fixed and movable Louvre Screens
  • Privacy Screen Panels (Fixed or Sliding)
  • Slatted Screens
  • Shade Screens
  • Grated Screens/Panels
  • Glass Pool Fencing

All the above aluminium products are powder coated (Oven baked) and in the main, 'Mig' welded for Superior strength and appearance.

Our Made to measure demonstration room

All aluminium products are 'Made to measure'. In other words, made to the size, shape and color as specified by you. All panels and screens are fully framed and ready to fit.

Depending on your location, we, or one of our Agents will measure and give you a written quote. Alternatively, phone or fax us the details and we will quote you our best price. If there is no Agent serving your area, we will make the product for you in our factory and send it to you where ever you are.

Tough secure windows

  • Lattice Security Screens to protect your property
  • Larger lattice openings to assist air flow
  • Fully 'Mig' welded

Aluminium Lattice

Charming outdoor appeal

This product is far superior to any other type of lattice on the market, timber or steel. It is totally constructed of aluminium extrusions. Lattice slats are 'Mig' welded together for security strength. Our Powder coated Aluminium Lattice Panels therefore are strong, light, smooth to the touch, no sharp edges and corrosion resistant. Available in the color of your choice.

Slatted or Lattice Security Doors and Gates

Security gates

Are fully welded and exceptionally strong, substantially stronger than any security mesh door. This product takes your standard security door locks, hinges etc and can be made as a standard swing or sliding door. The beauty of this product is that it gives you privacy as well as peace of mind. The finish is the same as for a standard lattice panel - sensational powdercoated finish.

Privacy Screens

Shadeline Screens / Privacy Screens

The alternative to "Lattice"

This innovative designed screen features the same advantages as our lattice panels.

Ideal for privacy and/or sun protection

Open Security Window

Comment from client - Barry from Mt.Isa.
"Bloody great product mate!"

Especially designed for situations where privacy or Sun shading is required.

Comment from client - Jonathan from Bondi.
"Aesthetically pleasing. Tip Top quality and finish!"



Another application of our 'Shadeline Screens' installed at a Blue Nursing Village.

Powder coated.

"Made to measure"


Privacy made to suit

Comment from client - Lucy from Palm Island Qld.
"I like it, cos its strong"

Shade - Privacy and slatted screens made to suit your job.


Sun HoodsMade to Measure.

A historic product, coming back into vogue.

Practical, Strong, and Powder coated for lifetime pleasure.

We can supply in" Knockdown" version for ease of transport.

Assembly guide provided.



This product has been designed by us so as to meet Local Council and Safety regulations, and can be adjusted to suit any particular requirement.

Available with handrail cappings of Circular, Ladies waist or Rectangular shape.

This product is of 'Classical Design' but using modern materials and technology. Once again that great finish and no maintenance.

The damage from Cyclone Larry and our product undamaged

Amazing Strength

Our products survived "Larry". A category 5 Cyclone.


Grated Screens/Panels. (Great Grate)

Following request from Architects for a strong , light weight, inexpensive product suitable for multiple applications, our in house designer came up with a product he called, "Great Grate". 

This product is unique in that strength versus weight is outstanding. "Great Grate" is also made to measure, or made to your specified size, shape and colour.

It is used for many applications such as,

  • Sunshade for doors and windows.
  • Entry facades for buildings.
  • Security screening to car parks.
  • Ventilated storage areas.
  • Privacy screening.
  • Domestic and industrial walkway grate.
  • Protection screening for machinery.
  • Fencing.
  • Handrails.
  • Awnings.
  • Check Photo Gallery for more applications.

Fixed Louvre Screen

Fixed Louvre Screen

This product is ideally suited for optimum privacy and areas where maximum airflow is required such as air-conditioning enclosures.


Pool Fencing

Supplied and professionally installed.